Melissa & Zoe || 8.12.17

It all started at Starbucks...

Kirkland-McKay Wedding-21.jpg

I've had the pleasure of knowing Melissa pretty much since I got home from Germany, and I just adore her and her family like they were my own. I met Zoe a few years later and she's, like, my hero. She might challenge you to a duel if you let her. Or at least a match of wits (and you'll probably lose). They complement each other perfectly.

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Kirkland-McKay Wedding-156.jpg
Kirkland-McKay Wedding-66.jpg

Seriously. Coolest wedding party ever. We had bridesmen, best bros, brosmaids, bros of honor... so much fun!!

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Kirkland-McKay Wedding-273.jpg


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And they lived happily ever after...

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