Rachael & John || 7.30.18

Oh, to have the pleasure of documenting this sweet couple’s special day at one of my absolute favorite spots! Rachael, John, and their two kiddos are so stinkin’ precious! They’re now living the good life in Colorado where they actually get to have seasons. Unlike here in Alabama - ugh! Enjoy this gorgeous day!

Bousson-Rummage Wedding-26.jpg
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Bousson-Rummage Wedding-163.jpg

Her momma surprised her with Kate Spade glitter shoes and I might have been just as excited as she was — I LOVE Kate Spade!

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Melissa & Zoe || 8.12.17

It all started at Starbucks...

Kirkland-McKay Wedding-21.jpg

I've had the pleasure of knowing Melissa pretty much since I got home from Germany, and I just adore her and her family like they were my own. I met Zoe a few years later and she's, like, my hero. She might challenge you to a duel if you let her. Or at least a match of wits (and you'll probably lose). They complement each other perfectly.

Kirkland-McKay Wedding-13.jpg
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Seriously. Coolest wedding party ever. We had bridesmen, best bros, brosmaids, bros of honor... so much fun!!

Kirkland-McKay Wedding-241.jpg
Kirkland-McKay Wedding-273.jpg


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And they lived happily ever after...

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